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We’re Back!!

After a long winter break we are back and ready for the semester! Our first show date is Jan. 28th 2020! (Pretty crazy getting use to having to write 2020) This is gonna be our last semester together so I want to make it a good one! More new music thrown in the mix, more guests, and just an overall great time! Feel free to recommend music to play or any talking points as well! Can’t wait to be back on air! See y’all at 4:30pm,!

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The Real Deal Beal is Still Eating Veal (in DC)

The real deal Bradley Beal has just accepted his 2-year $72 Million MAX contract with the Wizards! This has been something us Wiz fans have been waiting to hear since the summer. Even the most confident of Wiz fans were a little skeptical with there being complete silence from Beal’s camp since the possibility of him signing an extension opened up. All the trade scenarios and twitter edits of Beal in uniforms for the Lakers, Heat, and any other NBA team imaginable can really get to you! But alas….the panda has spoken and has chosen to stay right here in the nation’s capital where he belongs.

Now what does this entail and what is my take on it? Well with the news breaking this morning, this as far as we know right now at the time of writing this is this:

  1. Beal has EXTENDED his contract by 2 years and will be getting $72 Million per those years once they hit.
  2. A player option for the 2022-23 year. Which means IF Beal chooses to DECLINE the player option, he would be eligible for a 5-year deal worth a whopping $226 Million which would be the biggest deal in the NBA.

So why did he do it? Other than pure love for the district and the people here, I’m going to go out on a “limb” and say that Beal is just a loyal player! But another theory I have is that he saw that the Wizards as they are right now aren’t a team that are going to do something within this year but have the ability to be something great. With players like Thomas Bryant, Rui Hachimura, and Admiral Scholfield who are all either rookies or are still just young in general, to seasoned vets like Isaiah Thomas who are looking for that second chance. Beal had to have seen that good things come to those who wait and that takes time. Like the old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I mean when you have the Mystics winning their first championship title just a week ago, and the Nationals on the cusp of winning a World Series title, you can see it first hand that DC sports teams take time to win. To boil it all down Beal had to ask himself, does he want to be a Delle Donne and stick with a team thats going to win and build a team from the ground up? Or does he want to be a Harper who leaves the team and they go on to achieve what you couldn’t lead them to.

Thats my take on the whole thing, let me know what you think because I know Wiz fans, including myself, are over joyed with this news and are optimistic for the season to come!

Important Updates!

This will be a post for any important show updates so always check this tab if you have any questions/concerns because they might be answered here!

Hello world!

So we’ve finally got a website set up! Hopefully it’s appealing and easy for people to navigate through. I want to be able to post my playlists from past shows and even recorded shows so that if you miss one you can still listen! Leave a comment if you think it would be cool, I also plan to maybe add blog posts about any NBA news thats worth writing about so tell me if that idea is something you’d want to see as well! I want to make this something fun for everyone who’s involved and make the show more interactive really. I guess I’ll start this whole thing off by leaving a link to the UNCENSORED version of today’s playlist for the show. ¬†Enjoy!